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Season 3


Buffy is off and away somewhere, thinking about Angel while back in Sunnydale, The Slayerettes are trying their best to battle the forces of Darkness and start their Senior year. Buffy is going under the name Anne, which is her middle name, and is working as a waitress. There she runs into someone from her past. Chanterelle, (Lie to me) who is going under the name Lily and has also run away, with her boyfriend Ricky. Ricky goes missing and Lily runs to Buffy hoping that Buffy can help since she's good at this kind of stuff. Buffy finds Ricky all right. Dead and aged to about 60 years old. Turns out that this man, who goes around and tells the runaways to go to the home he works at, is evil and is using the runaways to work in Hell. He works them till they die. And, in Hell, one Earth day equals 100 Hell years, which is why the runaways age. Buffy kills the man and goes back to Sunnydale.



The gang is all glad that Buffy's back and decide to throw her a welcome home party. Her mom has hung a Nigerian mask on her bedroom wall and a dead cat that her and Buffy had buried comes running through the kitchen, alive. "Welcome to the Hellmouth petting zoo." Buffy says to Giles as he comes to get the cat to study it. Buffy is not allowed on school grounds so it's up to Giles and the Slayerettes to figure it out. While the gang is at Buffy's party, and Giles is studying the cat, dead people start coming back to life. They're zombies now. Giles figures out too late that it's Joyce's mask that is bringing the dead back to life. The zombies have attacked Buffy's party. Buffy eventually destroys the mask and the zombies disappear. At the end Buffy and Willow are at the Expresso Pump catching up and they get into a playful name calling game.



There are three new arrivals in Sunnydale. The first is Scott Hope. A cute, normal boy who has a thang for Buffy. Then there's Mr. Trick, accompanied by Kakistos a very old vampire with cloven hands, who is out for The Slayer. Then, there's Faith, a "zesty new Slayer" that the gang meets at The Bronze. Everyone seems to like Faith, except Buffy. Faith is a wild Slayer who likes what she does. The opposite of Buffy. Turns out Faith's watcher was killed by Kakistos in front of Faith, and then Faith slashed Kakistos face. Now Kakistos wants revenge. At the end, Faith runs a four by four through Kakistos and he's gone.



It's that time for Oz and Xander is on Oz-watch. The next morning there's news that Jeff Walken, a Sunnydale student, was killed that previous night. Suspicion is automatically placed on Oz. Since Xander fell asleep and the window was open, they think Oz got out. That night, while Oz is locked in his cage, Buffy is out patrolling and runs into a savage creature. Angel. He's back from Hell and Buffy thinks the murders are Angels doing. Then a girl named Debbie gets a black eye by her boyfriend Pete and the counselor Mr. Platt, is killed. In the daylight. So Angel and Oz are off the hook. Turns out it was Pete who was doing the killing, since he made a formula to turn "mas macho" to keep Debbie happy. And soon enough he didn't need the formula to change. Angel eventually kills Pete who has killed Debbie. And Buffy keeps it a secret that Angel is back.



Cordelia and Buffy are running against each other for Homecoming Queen and the tensions between them grow. While Xander and Willow are trying on their homecoming clothes in Willow's room (she changes behind a dressing thingy) they suddenly become attracted to each other and share a kiss. They vow never to do it again and call it a fluke. "A clothes fluke." So they join Cordy's side to help her campaign. (And Oz helped too, "As Willow goes, so goes my nation.") Meanwhile, Mr. Trick is spying on The Slayers and planning Slayerfest, to rid of them once and for all. Willow and Xander make Cordy and Buffy share the limo that they had all planned to take, so that they can work out their problems. And they end up in Slayerfest, accidentally switching Faith with Cordy. Eventually, Buffy and Cordy get out and to the school just in time to see who wins HQ. It was neither of them, the winners being the other two girls who were running.



The Mayor has come up with a plan to distract the parents of Sunnydale so he can kidnap little babies and feed them to a demon who is living in the sewers. Candy that turns the adults into teenagers. Giles and Joyce both eat the candy and run around Sunnydale as hormonal teenagers, making out, a lot, much to Buffy's dismay.  The adults take over the Bronze, invading Buffy and the Slayerettes space. Buffy figures out what's going on and eventually stops it. Willow and Xander also continue their affair.



Faiths replacement Watcher arrives, just in time to criticize her and Buffy's slaying technique. Ms. Gwendolyn Post is stuffier then Giles and also criticizes his collection of occult books. And while the Slayerettes seem to be leaving Faith out of the circle, Gwen seems to embrace her and help her, kind of like a mom-figure. The gang is after a glove of Myneghon, in this episode. Willow and Xander are kissing in the stacks during a late night research party and almost gets caught by Giles. Xander feels bad so he goes out to find Buffy since Giles has found all the info that is needed. He finds her making out with Angel. The gang feels betrayed by this deception, except for Willow, who understands about keeping a secret. On patrol that night, Willow tries to tell Buffy about her and Xander, but gets cut off by a demon. Buffy slays and Willow tells her that she opened her SAT booklet five minutes early, chickening out at the last minute. Turns out that Gwendolyn is a rouge watcher who has misused magick in the past and is after the glove. She gets ahold of it and tries to fry Willow with it, but Angel pushes her out of the way and Gwen ends up burning instead, hence Willow's okayness with Angel.



In this episode, Spike returns and Buffy gets a 1430 on her SAT's. (Willow getting a 740 verbal) Spike has come back, because his beloved Drusilla has broken up with him, for a chaos demon. ("All slime and antlers") Willow and Xander have planned a double date with Oz and Cordy, so to keep their hormones in check, Willow tries to do a "De-lusting" spell on her and Xander, just before they are to go bowling with their honeys. But, Spike kidnaps them, wanting Willow to do a love spell so he can get Dru back. They are taken to the factory, and Spike confides in Willow how much Dru hurt him. (Not their last heart to heart!) But then Spike has to go so he can get the spell book that Willow needs. Leaving her and Xander alone with each other. Oz and Cordy get worried about Willow and Xander when they're late for their date. So they go looking for them, while Buffy finds Spike to get him to turn her friends over. Oz and Cordy walk in on Willow and Xander, who are kissing. Cordy goes to run out and falls through the floor and gets impaled on a metal thing sticking up. She ends up it the hospital and tells Xander to leave her alone. Oz won't even talk to Willow. Buffy breaks up with Angel, so she can try and get over him. All of our couples are broken up.



Still hurt over Xanders deception with Willow, Cordy decides that all her problems are Buffys fault. She makes a new friend in Anya who is a vengeance demon who gives revenge to scorned women. Anya puts her power center necklace on Cordy, who then wishes that "Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale." And she gets her wish. Cordelia is now living in a world in which vampires have taken over Sunnydale. Buffy is off somewhere else, Xander and Willow are vampires and Giles is trying to control the vamp population with Oz, Larry and Nancy (Nancy is later killed.) to no avail. Cordy runs into VampXander and VampWillow and they chase after her, but she falls and is knocked out. Giles, Oz and Larry show up in time to save her. At the library, Cordy tells Giles that they need to get Buffy to Sunnydale, that Buffy can change things. Meanwhile, The Master tells VampXander and VampWill to kill Cordy, in which they do. VampWill tortures Angel and calls him Puppy. Eventually Giles calls upon Anya, breaks her necklace (In which he took off of Cordy) and the spell is broken, But not before Xander kills Angel, Buffy kills Xander, Oz kills Willow and the Master kills Buffy. But back in good 'ole Sunnydale, everyone is alive and fine. Anya, however is now a human teenage girl.



It's Christmas time in Sunnydale and it's sweltering. Cordelia is going off to Switerzland to ski, "with actual snow." Willow still feels bad about what happened, but is leaving it up to Oz to talk when he's ready. Buffy is still trying to get over Angel, unsuccessfully. Oz forgives Willow and they make plans to watch videos on Christmas Eve. When he arrives with the videos, Willow is all dressed up and tells Oz that she wants to "do that thing", but Oz tells her that when it happens it has to happen because they both need it to for the same reasons. Angel is being tortured by the people he killed in his past, one Jenny Calendar included. Jenny is trying to convince Angel to kill Buffy, which leads him to almost committing vampire suicide. He's waiting for the sun to rise while Buffy desperaltey tries to convince him other wise. Right in the middle of her speech, just minutes before the sun is to rise, it begins to snow, hiding the sun, saving Angel. Everyone is amazed at the sudden change in California weather.



When Buffy's mom joins her on patrol one night, she stumbles across two dead children in the park and each child has a symbol on their hands. The gang thinks occult, which ultimately leads to a modern day witch-hunt. When Buffy finds the symbol from the kids on Willow's notebook, she's curious and asks about it. Willow says it's just a doodle, but is interrupted when Snyder orders a raid on the student's lockers. Willow then tells Buffy that she used the symbol in a protection spell with Amy and Michael for Buffy's upcoming birthday and that it's harmless. She also confesses that she has in her locker what Snyder and the police are looking for in the lockers, witch stuff. Joyce has begun a group called MOO (Mothers Opposed to the Occult) and it was her that ordered the raid at school. Also, Giles' books have been confiscated. Willow tells her mom that she's a witch and later her, Buffy and Amy are kidnapped and tied to stakes. A witch burning has been planned and they're all on the guest list. Amy turns herself into a rat to escape being fried and stays that way, even to this day. Turns out the two dead kids are actually Hansel and Gretel causing pandemonium in quiet towns. Buffy eventually stops it, of course, and all's right with Sunnydale again.



It's Buffy's 18th birthday and she wants to spend it as quiet as possible, going to the escapades with her usually absent dad. But he cancels and Buffy is left with no birthday plans. Buffy is on patrol one night and almost loses the battle. She's getting weaker and weaker. She tries to save Cordelia from a jock, but he swats her down and Cordy pounds him. Buffy tells Giles that she's fighting and throwing knives like she's not the Slayer. Turns out, that it's actually Giles who has taken Buffys power. Only because it is tradition that when, if, a Slayer reaches her 18th birthday, her power is taken and she is put in a house with a tough, insane vampire, in which she has to kill, like a normal person. The vampire kidnaps Buffy's mom and Buffy goes to save her. She tricks the vampire into drinking holy water and he burns from the inside out. At the end, Giles is fired, because, A.) He told Buffy about the tradition and B.) He has a "fathers love for the child."



The Sisterhood of Jhe has come to the Hellmouth with intentions to open it. The gang, mostly Cordelia, has convinced Xander that in the gang, he's the Zeppo (The lesser known Marx brother) and so he feels like the gang doesn't appreciate him. At the Bronze, he runs into Jack O'tooles car and Jack threatens him with Katie, his knife. The cops show up and Xander says they were just wrestling. Impressed that Xander didn't tell on him, Jack invites him to go along with him and find the boys. Who are all dead and brought back to life. While he's doing that, the gang is trying to prevent the Hellmouth from opening. Jack and the guys, minus Xander, are planning on blowing the school up. He ditches the guys and runs into Faith. They go back to her apartment and sleep together, Xander losing his virginity to Faith.  Xander stops the guys from blowing up the school, without the gang knowing, and Oz (who's in wolf mode) eats Jack.



This is where the Buffy/Faith thing heats up. Faiths bad girl attitude is rubbing off on Buffy. She starts hanging around with Faith more, making Willow feel left out. Buffy doesn't go to her house to study like she told her she would, instead going patrolling with Faith. Buffy ditches school, much to Willows dismay, so her and Faith can go kill vampires, by sneak attack, in the daylight. While out on patrol, her and Faith steal weapons from a store, Buffy catching on to Faiths mantra: "Want, take, have." The cops come and eventually the Slayers ditch them, too. They run into vampires and get to seriously kicking ass. Faith is so caught up in the fighting that she doesn't realize she has just staked a human being. The mayor deputy, Alan. Buffy feels horrible, but it just gives Faith a taste of what kind of power she actually possesses. She now has something in common with Angel. This episode also introduces the new watcher Wesley.



This episode is sort of like a part 2 of Bad Girls. This one deals with the consequences that Buffy is ready to face, but that Faith will not confront. They decide that they will not talk about it and keep it between them. And that they won't go to Giles. Buffy can't take it, so she goes to Willow, who has been somewhat cold to Buffy. Willow tells Buffy that she feels that she's not cool enough because she can't kill things with her bare hands, causing Buffy to cry like a baby. She then tells Willow what happened and Willow tells her that she needs to go to Giles. Buffy does and finds out that Faith has told Giles that Buffy killed Alan. Giles sees through Faiths lie, but lets Faith think that he believes her. Buffy and Giles decide to have a Scooby meeting, without Faith or Wesley. It's here that Buffy, Willow and Giles find out about the night Xander slept with Faith. Willow cries in the bathroom, heartbroken. They decide to try to talk to Faith, but it's no use. Xander goes to talk to her, thinking she'll listen to him, since he feels a connection to her now. But she only tries to kill him. Angel, who takes Faith to his mansion to talk to her, saves him. At the end of this episode, Faith dusts Mr. Trick, saving Buffy. Faith then joins the Mayors side.



Anya is still trying to adjust to being a human teenage girl and life with out her necklace and power. Willow is feeling like little miss goody goody and is sick of being "Old reliable." Anya talks Willow into doing a spell to get her necklace back so she can go back to being a demon. But the spell goes way wrong and brings Willows alternate reality VampWillow (From "The Wish") to Sunnydale. Causing a number of mistaken identities for the real Willow. Xander and Buffy run into VampWill at the Bronze, only they think that it's real Willow, trying to change her image. When they discover that she's a vampire, they are both heartbroken at the loss of their best friend. But then real Willow walks into library completely oblivious that she has an evil vamp twin and that she's there in Sunnydale. The gang thinks it's VampWill and when they discover that it's real Willow, they each hug her, Xander, Buffy and Giles. Angel then walks in after having a run in with VampWill (Who's trying to make the real Sunnydale like the Sunnydale she came from) not sure how to tell them that Willow's a vampire. He tells them and sees the real Willow standing in the corner, he says hi to her and does a double take. The gang is utterly confused now. At the Bronze VampWill is terrorizing the people there and Oz looks heartbroken at the sight of his girlfriend turned vampire. The gang soon figures out that there's a vampire Willow. They leave the library to go the Bronze to find out if they're right, with the real Willow lagging behind. VampWill grabs her from behind and Willow finally meets her evil vamp twin. VampWill is tranquilized and put in the cage. The gang comes up with a plan. Real Willow will go to the Bronze and pretend to be VampWill. Meanwhile, back in the library, Cordelia lectures VampWill (thinking it's real Willow) about stealing other peoples boyfriends and lets her out. VampWill goes to the Bronze, where it is obvious that real Willow is not a vampire. (Especially since she waved so cutely at Oz). VampWill attacks and almost kills real Willow. Buffy goes to stake VampWill, but real Willow won't let her. They send VampWill back to alternate Sunnydale, where she is staked.



Faith is pretending to still be on the Slayers side, while really working for the mayor. The gang knows Faith has information about the upcoming ascension. So, Buffy and Angel plan on tricking Faith. Angel will pretend to lose his soul and join the mayor, also pretending that he is attracted to Faith. They kidnap Buffy and tie her to the wall, where Buffy tells Faith that Buffy's a better Slayer. Faith also says how jealous of Buffy she is. They get the info about the ascension that it is going to be on Graduation Day. Faith goes back to the mayor and things between Buffy and Angel are tense. (When are they not?!)



On patrol one night, Buffy runs into two "scabby" demons and kills one, the other getting away. Buffy touches the one she killed accidentally. Her hand starts itching and Giles tells her that she will get an "aspect of the demon." Buffy panics thinking she'll get horns or something. But while she's sitting in the quad with Xander, Oz and Willow, she reads Xanders mind. Her aspect is ESP. At first it's great, she does well in class for once, by reading the teachers mind. But then, in the cafeteria she hears someone say, "This time tomorrow, I'll kill you all." Willow leads Xander, Oz and Cordelia in finding out who is gonna shot up the school. They first think it's Jonathon, but he was only going to kill himself. (Buffy stopped him). Xander discovers that it's the lunch lady putting rat poison in the food. (Earlier, Xander commented on how he knew the lunch lady was going to kill them all with her Mulligan Stew. "I mean, what the hell is a Mulligan?") Xander saves the day! J Also, Buffy tries to read Angels mind and see how he really feels about her. But she can't because it's like the mirror. "The thoughts are there, but they cast no reflection."



Buffy and gang find out that the Mayor has a box called the box of Gavrock, that he needs for the acension. Buffy, Willow and Angel go to City Hall to steal it, while Oz and Xander are left with setting up the stuff to destroy it. But there's one little glich in their plan. Willow gets kidnapped. They now have a choice: Willow or the Box? They argue over it until Oz smashes the bowl thingy that is needed to destroy the box. Now they don't have a choice. Save Willow. While Willow is at City Hall, she finds the books of ascension and reads as much as she can, stealing a page here or there. She confronts Faith telling her that it's too late for her and that she had friends. The gang sets up a meeting to make the trade. Willow for the Box. The trade is made and they aren't anymore ready for the ascension than they were when they started. Also, Willow tells Buffy that she's going to UC Sunnydale with her.



The Prom is coming up and Buffy is desperate to have at least one normal moment before she graduates. In this epsiode we find out that Cordelia has lost all her money and can't afford to buy a dress, because her dad cheated on his taxes for the last 12 years. So she's working in a fashion store to work it off. Xander ends up buying the dress for her. Ans Buffy has to deal with Hellhounds that have been trained to attack people in formal wear, and will be let loose at the Sunnydale High School Prom. And Angel breaks up with her, for good and tells her he's leaving Sunnydale. She is heartbroken. Buffy stops the Hellhounds and actually has a good prom. She also gets two surprises. One is a special umbrella trophy that says "Class Protector." And the other is Angel in a tux.



Gradutation is here, but so is the mayors ascension. The gang is trying to prepare for both. Turns out the Mayors ascension will be AT graduation. Buffy confronts Angel who still wants to help, but Buffy just wants him gone already so she can get over him. During their fight, Angel is shot with an arrow, barley missing his heart. Faith missed on purpose. The arrow has poison on it and is designed to kill vampires. Slowly. While Willow and Oz are looking for something to stop the ascension, she gets upset that Oz isn't panicking. She starts to ramble and he kisses her, hushing her up. She then loses her virginity to Oz. J It is discovered that the only thing that will cure Angel is a Slayers blood. So, Buffy goes after Faith. They fight and Faith is put in acoma. She falls over the edge and is carried away by the truck beneath...



Buffy goes to see how Angel is doing and makes him feed off of her. She has to go to the hospital, of course, for a blood transfusion thing. Turns out that Faith is also in the hospital (Thanks fo Buffy) and there Faith tells Buffy to "Play on his human weakness." By getting into her mind. Buffy comes up with a plan. Once the mayor has changed, Buffy will lead him to the library and then they will blow up the school. They also get the entire Senior class to attack him with arrows and fire and stuff. Angel is there, since it occurs during an eclipse. And he starts kicking vamp ass. (Since the mayor enlisted a bunch of them to help)By the end, Sunnydale High is blown up, Angel leaves for Los Angeles with out saying goodbye to Buffy and the gang walks off into the darkness, ready for college...



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