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Support The Dixie Chicks!
 © buggo 2003
Please do not take my work!

I just wanted to say that I am a fan of the Dixie Chicks and stand by them in all of this.  When Natalie Maines made the comment about our president she had every right to do so.  Freedom of speech, it is in our constitution.  Nowhere does it say we must like, support, and always agree with our president. Nor does it state that we should never bad mouth him or say anything negative about him. The only reason anyone cares is because she is a public figure.  I say the same thing all the time, I do not like our president nor do I support many of the things he has done.  But when I say it no one becomes bent out of shape and no one even gives it a second thought.  It is only because she is a respected public personality that this has become such an issue.

Many people feel that it is wrong that they have made money off a song about a “Travelin’ Soldier” and then in making this comment they are showing a lack of respect for our troops in Baghdad.  In her comment she never said that she did not support our troops, just that she did not support the president.  Those are two very different things.  I do not support our president in many of his decisions, but I do support the soldiers that are fighting for our country.  

This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion.  It is a very American thing to exercise our freedom of speech and by all of this being taken so seriously and their songs no longer being played on the radio we are saying that there is only one right opinion and one right way to think.  This makes us sound as though we are a communist nation, and now I am a bit confused because I thought that America was a democracy, and a free place to live, think, and believe, but I must have been mistaken.

I have received an email numerous times now that was supposedly written by LT Layne McDowell.  It is anyone’s guess as to whether or not there really is a LT Layne McDowell and whether or not he himself wrote this statement.  Forwarded emails are not known for their legitimacy, but the message of the email is the real purpose for including it.  This email states his opinion on Natalie Maines comment.  The email reads as follows:


“Name: LT Layne McDowell
Date: 03/15/03 Time: 01:54:49 PM
Comment: An open letter to the Dixie Chicks

Earlier this week, while performing in London, you stated that you
were ashamed that our President is from your home state. I wonder if you
realized how many Americans would be listening. This American was
listening. This Texan is ashamed that you come from my state. I serve
my country as an officer in the United States Navy. Specifically, I fly
F-14 Tomcats off carriers around the world, executing the missions that
preserve the very freedom you claim to exercise. I have proudly fought
for my country in the skies over Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan without

Though I may disagree wholeheartedly with your comments, I will defend
to the death your right to say them, in America. But for you to travel to
a foreign land and publicly criticize our Commander in Chief is
cowardice behavior. Would you have so willingly made those comments
while performing for a patriotic, flag-waving crowd of Texans in Lubbock? I
would imagine not.


How dare you pocket profits off songs about soldiers, their deaths and
patriotism while criticizing their Commander in Chief abroad, even
while they prepare to give their lives to ensure your own freedom of
speech. Please ask yourself, what have you done to deserve that sacrifice?


Do not try to justify your comments by claiming that you made them only
because you care about innocent lives. Never once in our history have we

committed troops to war for the purpose of taking innocent lives. We do it
to protect innocent lives, even yours.


If the world leaders of the late 1930's had the vision and courage of our present Commander in Chief, perhaps the evil men who caused the death of millions in WWII would have never had the opportunity to harm a soul. The potential loss of millions of lives in the future at the hands of today's evil men necessitate action.


In a separate correspondence, I am returning to you each and
every Dixie Chicks CD and cassette that I have ever purchased.

Never again will I allow my funds to support your behavior. All you
have done is to add your name to a growing list of American "Celebrities"
who have failed to realize that they have obtained their successes on the
backs of the American blue-collar workers such as our servicemen and
women. To Natalie Maines: This Texan, this American will continue to
risk his life to guarantee your freedoms. What will you do to deserve it?”


Another email I received added this to the end of McDowell’s statement:


“To Natalie Maines: This Texan, this American will continue to risk his life to guarantee your freedoms. What will you do to deserve it? 
May she also have the freedom to look for a new career.
              Don't support anti-Americans at the box office.
Sheryl Crow, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Julia Roberts, Spike Lee, Ed Harris, Dustin Hoffman, Martin Scorsese, Rosano Dawson, George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, Berry Pepper, Martin Sheen, Rob Reiner, Madonna, Helen Thomas, Danny Glover, George Michael, Woody Herlson, Dixie Chicks, Jessica Lange, Julianne Moore, Jim Carrey, Ben Affleck, Michael Moore, Kirsten Dunst, And boycott all French, German, Chinese, and Canadian products”


This is a great number of our celebrities.  And by calling them “Anti-Americans” what we are really saying is that all those with different views or opinions on topics are wrong and should be punished.  How can we then call ourselves Americans if we are denying others the right to their own thoughts, opinions, and freedoms?  That is the very core of America.  Celebrities are always in the spotlight, and have the whole world looking at them, but they are people too.  They are entitled to the same rights, and privileges as any American.

I honestly do not feel that Maines has done anything wrong.  She exercised a right that was given to her by the constitution of the United States.  I am sure that many other people agree with her comment.  Unfortunately for her, none of those people are willing to speak up.  Well I am speaking up! I support her in this.  I don't agree with radio stations not playing the Dixie Chicks music.  Nor do I agree with the emails above that I have received so many times now, and will probably still continue to receive.  Maybe other people have the same feelings as me, maybe they don't.  Maybe many fans are truly outraged and will not be buying CD's or attending concerts, I do not know.  But I do know this, May 18th I will be at their concert, supporting them completely and ready to see a great group perform.  And if all those fans who are boycotting and throwing away CD's and not listening to them anymore do not show up for the concert, so makes it better for me.  It just means I will end up with a better seat to see one of the best country/pop groups of this century.  © buggo 2003